Finding Our New Apartment Meant Finding a Place Where We Could Take Our Corgis

There are some things we wanted to do since we got married. One was to move into a luxury apartment as soon as our income was enough to afford it. We were not spendthrifts, but we did want a nice place to live. I am not one to trade in my car every year and get a new one. I do not waste money on fancy watches or expensive clothes. We will even use coupons at the grocery store. However, the last time we looked for apartments for rent in Tampa FL, we checked out ones that had more luxurious amenities.

We both had received our promotions to management we had been working on for a long time. I was a middle manager and got promoted up another level. My wife was the business loans manager at a bank. We had enough to get the place we wanted. However, one requirement we had was that we could bring our two little corgis. We were not moving anywhere without them. The apartments for rent in Tampa FL we were looking at actually had a dog park they call a bark park. Cute name. They even have a place for you to bath your dogs! Finally, a pet friendly apartment complex. We both really like cooking, so the chef-inspired kitchen was a huge bonus. Beautiful stainless appliances and plenty of space on the granite countertops for preparing the finest meals you can dream up.

We are even growing some of our favorite peppers in the community garden. The apartments have a car care center and a really big park for us to enjoy. We spend a lot of time in the big swimming pool too. They even have a poolside lounge with TVs. We do not even have to take out our trash. They have valet to door trash service! Even though we always wanted a luxury apartment, I never knew it could be as nice as this.